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Through the Looking Cat

Butterfly Becomes Bird

The I of Creation

What Does it Mean to be Alive?

Meet C. elegans - a modern Knowledge Constructor

The Theory of Constructal Infonomics

The Third Law of Life: Information is the Fuel that Powers the Engines of Life

The Second Law of Life - Make a Profit

The First Law of Life - Survive

Time Diaries: Aug. 19, 2153 - Resurection

Invitation to a Haunted Housewarming

The Heyerscope Canon #1: The Artificial Intelligence(AI) Manifesto

Gaia Speaks:

What happens when our AIs can see and understand our pictures?

The Curse of Reasons

New AI Notes Section

AI resources and prompting advice

Gangly Mop-topped Gaians

Hunting the Moon on Volcan Baru

The Apple Vision Pro - What is it? What can I do with it? How will it change my work and/or life?

Cloud Breath of the Gaians

The Time Diaries of Marco Francisco De Las Sapiens - June 6, 2053

The Secret Life of Algorithms

Prisoner or Guide - It's Your Choice

The Six Stages of AI Evolution, or How Al Gore Invented the Internet

Pi at the Center of the Universe

How Can We Trust Science??

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The Time Diaries of Marco Francisco de las Sapiens: January 2, 2148

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Curation Camels Get Their Noses Under the Tent

Ripples on the pond

Meandering Toward Eternity

On the Shoulders of Giants

My Quantum Entangled Future

Photography, painters and neuroscience

Building our global human mind

Why are kids so smart?

The Theory of Constructal Infonomics as a base model for life.

Mark Heyer Bio

Stardust to Gold - Universal Evolution and My Wedding Ring

Why AGI and cognitive science is a wicked hard problem

The Other Side of the Pancake

Leaving Our Footprints in the Sands of Time